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                  Technical Specifications


Number of Channels                    5

Color organ number of channels        4 + Inverse Channel

Supply voltage                        8−16V DC

Maximum output current per channel    2A

Maximum total output current          10A

PWM steps for each channel            110

Number of stored levels and settings  10

Color Organ bandwidth:                LF 50−180Hz , MLF 230Hz−1kHz ,

                                             MHF 1−7kHz, HF 7−12kHz

Line-in nominal level                 0.3V RMS

Line-in maximum level                 1.5V RMS

Mic-in range of sound level(with an

added module MACL - not included in the kit) 60 - 120 Db

Ambient temperature                   5 − 40°C

Dimensions LCH5:                      48 x 48 x 20 mm

Dimensions Remote:                    85 x 40 x 7 mm

5 Channel Multifunctional PWM Controller with Remote Control – HomLiCon  LCH5LP

Designed to manage groups LED, relays, small motors, fans, PC mod, management models.

Easily switch between the ten pre-stored groups of different levels for all channels.

Choice of PWM or on/off separately for each channel.

Lighting effects, automatic color organ with digital division of the bandwidth in 4 range:

LF 50 - 180Hz , MLF 230Hz - 1kHz , MHF 1 - 7kHz, HF 7 - 12kHz.

Built-in microphone and IR receiver. Voltage up to 16V and current up to 2A per channel.


Application :


 - Manage groups LED, relays, small motors, fans, PC mod, management models, etc.

 - Light Show, Color Organ, Chaser, Level meter, etc.  

 - Loads per channel up to 2A or  300pcs LEDs 3528, 100pcs LEDs 5050,  50pcs LEDs 5630  in  LEDs strips or modules.

ASSEMBLY  INSTRUCTIONS: Assembly_instructions_HomLiCon_LCH5LP_EN_V1.1.pdf

3D ASSEMBLY  GUIDE:  3D_Assembly_Guide_HomLiCon_LCH5LP_EN_V1.1.pdf         

USER GUIDE:    User_Guide_HomLiCon_LCH5LP_EN_V1.1.pdf

VIDEO:    https://youtu.be/aW_tcBV1jf0  ,  https://youtu.be/trpEKg7Fpc8

VIDEO:    https://youtu.be/Vv_s8d7JVeU  ,   https://youtu.be/W5mx_IuaFmU

VIDEO:    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfeBUGpgX0h-DvWwxmOxiJA

MORE INFO:     www.homlicon.com   ;    www.mc-kit.net

Package Includes:

IC,  Resistors,  Capacitors, MOSFETs, etc.  - total of 47 parts

(battery CR2025 not included)

Shipping  via  Air Mail  without  tracking  number.

Order processing time:  3  -  5  business days.

Estimated Delivery Time: 15 -  40 business days.

Controller  Features

Lifetime email technical support

Unassembled  kit


Table programs of 4 Channel Light Show

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