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Range of temperature control:                         20 – 90°C

Temperature of activation of the emergency stop:      99°C

Number of groups contactors for control of heaters:   3

Number of groups contactors for control of pumps:     1

Maximum current for each output:        1A

Supply voltage:                         200-240 OR 110-130 VAC

Ambient temperature:                    5 - 40°C

LED display height:                     14 mm

Dimensions:                             165 x 101 x 40 mm   

Dimensions with front panel:            205 x 141 x 55 mm   

3 Channel Temperature Controller with Front Panel

Thermo R3 FP

Designed for control of hot water electric boilers.

 Allows to control heaters divided into 3 groups by providing algorithm for maintaining the set temperature with minimum commutations.

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